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About us

My name is Alison Evans and I am a full-time, professional, experienced dogwalker. I live in Ashtead with my husband Julien. We have two dogs of our own, Billy, a terrier/cavalier cross aged 6 and Georges, a flat coated retriever aged 5.

I grew up on a farm in Wales surrounded by a pack of terriers, spaniels and sheep dogs – it was often said that I was at my happiest in my wellies surrounded by dogs. When I was 15 I helped my spaniel deliver her first litter of pups. I have housetrained many puppies and looked after dogs in their final years, and I've done the bits in between, enjoying it all immensely.

Even though I have my own dogs, I am always looking for ways to meet other people’s; dog watcher, dog walker, dog stalker, call it what you will – I am fascinated by dogs!

After 15 years of working in professional services, I decided that it was time to devote myself full-time to what I loved doing part-time – caring for dogs. And that was when I set up Papattes Dogwalking. If you’re wondering why we are called Papattes Dogwalking, when we taught Billy to give a paw as a puppy, we taught him in French (my husband is French). ‘Donne la papatte’ is French for ‘give the paw’!

My credentials:

  • experienced dog walker
  • NARPS registered
  • trained in dog first aid
  • police checked
  • fully insured


About you

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